BIO CAT B   products.  Biological specimen transport packaging and solutions.
       IATA DGR compliant Air and Road     Worldwide acceptance   100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND OPERATED AND HAVE BEEN FOR 23 YEARS
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                                 BIO CAT B     Approvals :    United Nations  I.A.T.A.  Civil Aviation   WHO.. Warehouse and Office:
                                                                                                                                          Unit 11 / 12 Anderson Street Banksmeadow NSW 2019
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* Please email    stating ambient or frozen ( transit time ) requirement with size of specimen payload

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  Jars 95 kPa  2L  3L wide mouth CAT B  CAT A

  Biohazard bags  95 kPa   IATA   Air and Road
........small , large and extra large .

  Biohazard bag kits  95 kPa IATA Air and Road
....... four sizes

  Labtite II Tamper Evident Biohazard bags

  Dry Ice shippers 100 hours frozen transport

  Chill Packs  temperature controlled transport

  Consumables:  Absorbents, B/W bags

  Labels UN3373  large and small

  7 Bay absorbent  shuttle

  Customised branded packaging



COVID -19 solutions  , triple packaging  ,    Recognised Worldwide as safe , reliable and regulatory approved  packaging. Validated products .
23 years providing excellence in  specimen transport and cold chain  systems.

Environment:   Biohazard bags / pouches use approx 83% less plastic in their manufacture compared to bottles. 

   Basic triple packaging system.......  Category A , Category B and Exempt
   The following system of packaging shall be used for all infectious substances.   
   Consists of three layers as follows:

   Primary receptacle. A primary watertight, leak-proof/ sift-proof  receptacle containing       
   Secondary packaging. A second durable 95 kPa tested and approved  receptacle to           
   enclose and protect the primary receptacle with sufficient absorbent product must             
   absorb the fluid from the primary in case of breakage.
   Secondary to meet all test requirements as per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for Air , Road ,  Packing  Instruction 650  or 620.

   Outer packaging. Secondary packagings are placed into a compliant with  DGR IATA regulations  shipping carton with suitable cushioning material.
   Outer package to protect the contents from outside influences such as physical damage , moisture , whilst in transit.
   One side of the outer package must be at least 100 x100 mm. 

Warehouse and Office:  Unit 11 / 12 Anderson Street Banksmeadow NSW 2019
Tel:  02 9666 7600  Mobile:  Steve  0415 112 951